The Games

Fat Bunny
Creators: George Habr, Samir Kazah, Layal Fakih (Groovy Antoid)
Fat Bunny is a challenging 2D score-based blend of a platformer and an endless hopper, where you play as an adorable fluffy bunny and your goal is to scale mountains, collect carrots and get higher scores. Collect enough carrots to unlock up to thirty unique bunnies with their own world themes, unlock different timed power-ups and cheat death when you slip or drown.
Status: Released on Android and iOS
Road To Eden
Creator: Ronald Halabi
Road to Eden is an open-world survival RPG adventure that sees you scavenging, crafting, and fighting for your life in a world that’s been devastated by an alien invasion.
earth is invaded by unknown beings, ninety percent of the population vanished without a trace, and now humanity’s last hope is Project Eden, a base of operation where the remaining survivors are fighting back. You wake up at the side of the road with no memory and must team up with other survivors to make the long and dangerous journey to Eden.
Status: Released on Steam
Psychoverse City
Creators: Lee Hammoud
Psychoverse City is a retro-themed first person platformer where the goal is to dash and grapple between buildings at a blistering pace to reach the finish line. The buildings themselves have a life of their own, as they twist and turn to disorient the player while also providing unexpected landing spots.
Status: In Progress
Lurking in the Dark
Creators: M.H. Kotob and Samir Kazah
You can only see one tile in front of you. Climb the tower, light the candles, and revive the Dark One.
Status: Prototype
Fight! Fight! Fight!
Creators: Carl Farra
This gladiator arena welcomes all kinds of fighters - Knights, barbarians, wizards, ninjas... Take control of one of these warriors, each with their own unique abilities, and fight to the death!
Status: Prototype
Zer0 One
Creators: Micah Garner
You are Zer0 0ne, an emerging hacker setting out to make your mark on the world.  But why do you hack?  Declare your motivation to determine your objectives then get to it.
Hack computers.  Earn cash.  Buy upgrades. Win at life.
Status: Prototype
Byblos VR
Creators: Joseph Azzam
Key moments in time changed the course of history, moments so great that they materialized into fixed destinations in time. Yet one after the other, these moments have started to degrade, and even vanish.
You’re headed out to solve this mystery, journeying into the timeline of the ancient city of Byblos. Armed with nothing but your ship and your pen, you'll rediscover the secrets of the past by recovering the missing pieces from the trails it left, making sure it may never be forgotten.
Status: In Progress